Explore Louisiana in a 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud from The RV Shop

The new 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud models at The RV Shop in Baton Rouge are some of our most popular, and most versatile, travel trailers, and our South Louisiana customers love everything these innovative exploration vehicles have to offer. With more floorplans available than any other Airstream model, there’s a 2018 Flying Cloud that’s a perfect for everyone. The Flying Cloud embodies the Airstream spirit of never-ending adventure. Each new 2018 model was beautifully and carefully designed to invite you inside while helping you venture out further than ever before. And don’t worry about anyone getting homesick, because the 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud lets Baton Rouge, Louisiana owners bring their comfort zone along for the ride. The iconic Airstream shape is unlike any other you’ll encounter, and as it slips through the wind with ease your new 2018 Flying Cloud will no doubt garner plenty of attention while you’re traveling on the busy roads and highways of Baton Rouge. And when you get where you’re going, you’ll find that these new 2018 Flying Cloud travel trailers also offer plenty of features designed to help make your next south Louisiana adventure that much more enjoyable. Features that include helpful LED lights located throughout the exterior, an exterior shower that runs both hot and cold water, a modern awning that provides a shady space to relax outside and much more.

Flying Cloud Epitomizes Airstream Quality

All of the classic Airstream touches our Baton Rouge customers have come to expect from these innovative travel trailers shine brighter than ever when it comes to the new 2018 Flying Cloud. Riveted aluminum, gleaming cabinetry and panoramic windows are just the beginning of what these new Airstream travel trailers at The RV Shop have got to offer. Flying Cloud combines everything that first made Airstream a design standout in the beginning with every modern evolution since then. The subtle curves of the cabinets, the windows that wrap around every corner and the Airstream aluminum that feels all at once classic yet strikingly modern add up to produce a 2018 Flying Cloud travel trailer that is a dream on wheels.

Every morning you’ll wake up to a fresh and bright new canvas that’s ready to start a new south Louisiana adventure. Airstream Flying Cloud is all about that streamlined and concise look that allows the adventure to take center stage. All throughout these 2018 trailers you’ll find smartly designed cabinetry and storage for anything and everything you’re wanting to bring along for the ride. And it all stays completely out of sight, allowing owners to sit back and enjoy their new getaway-on-wheels from The RV Shop. Airstream has never been afraid to be different, which is why they take their time when building their new travel trailers. They opt to make their trailers the right way instead of the easy way, which is why Airstream is such a popular option among our Baton Rouge, Louisiana customers. Every single design choice is made for a specific reason, including the Ultraleather used for the 2018 Flying Cloud furniture. Incredibly supple and soft, yet durable and long-lasting with special strengthening components, the Ultraleather found in the new Airstream Flying Cloud resists temperature change and will never crack from cold weather. It’s also easy to clean, pet-friendly, and won’t scratch or stain, so your travel trailer furniture will look just as beautiful on day one as it does way down the road.

Innovative Travel Trailer Tech

In the new 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud models at the RV Shop, you’ll never have to look far to find the conveniences that travel trailer owners love. Technology is smartly and subtly built into every area, and the galley won’t ask you to sacrifice anything. Relax in the premium comfort offered by these new 2018 Flying Cloud models and remain as plugged in or as unplugged as you want to be. The new 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud has got all of your power and entertainment needs covered, along with some extra features that our Baton Rouge customers are sure to appreciate. Features that include a Clarion stereo with AM/FM/Satellite radio, a CD player, as well as Bluetooth®. Samsung LED HD TVs with surround sound make these new Airstream models ideal for any tailgate party at Tiger Stadium, while a Blu-Ray™ DVD player can keep the kids occupied when setting out on those long family road trips. Temperature can easily make or break any great south Louisiana trip, and Airstream’s Quietstream™ ducted climate control system will keep you and your passengers comfortable regardless of where you happen to be. No matter the situation of occasion, your 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud from The RV Shop has got everything needed to ensure you’re next adventure will be an enjoyable and memorable one. Stop in for a firsthand look at these new 2018 travel trailers and find the one that fits your unique south Louisiana travel trailer needs the best.

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