Embark on an Adventure in a Redwood RV in Baton Rouge from The RV Shop

There’s nothing quite like life on the road in a new RV, as the possibilities opened up to you are seemingly endless. It offers a kind of way to escape from your typical routine and immerse yourself in an entirely different setting, relying entirely on your personal whims at the moment. To put it simply, an RV opens up a world of opportunities that provide a sense of freedom and flexibility. If you are new to the RV world, a Redwood RV could be the perfect place to start. The RV Shop in Baton Rouge has a plethora of new and pre-owned RV’s available, including the new 2018 Redwood RV.

The Redwood model Delivers Everything you Could want from an RV

The Redwood RV is designed so that every inch of space is utilized for your comfort and convenience. One feature that contributes to the Redwood’s excellence is its Falcon Integrated Technology, which includes a frame constructed with quality materials like a powdercoated frame for protection, heavy duty 12” I-Beam main rails, and the drop section of chassis is a 10” I-Beam. In addition, a welded hitch receiver enables you to haul 3,000 pounds of additional cargo. The Redwood has Clima-Tech as well, which has five critical components: heating and air conditioning, insulation package R-values, frameless specialty windows, a double vented attic, and quality construction materials. What really gives the Redwood its character is its Tru-Sit Furniture Collection. You will enjoy unparalleled comfort with a 80” sofa with a storage drawer, an available King Bed with i-Cool, massaging seat controls, and much more! Lastly, the Redwood RV has sidewalls that are laminated, as opposed to the usual standard hung-wall style, which provides even more insulation. Overall, a Redwood RV is set apart from the competition through a commitment to quality in every aspect of its design.

The RV Shop is the Perfect Place to get a Quality Recreational Vehicle

The RV Shop prioritizes customer satisfaction and maintaining a diverse collection of RVs. Our staff will happily show you exactly what we have in our inventory and answer whatever question you have. If you need financing on your purchase, our loan officers can work out a deal that will make suit your financial position. What’s more, if you ever need repair or maintenance performed on your RV, the RV Shop can handle whatever work you need done and put you back on the road in a timely fashion. Don’t forget to check out our many specials available on RVs too, as you can get great value on your purchase through our offers. We look forward to your visit and introducing you to the excitement of owning an RV.

Redwood RVs deliver a Special Travelling Experience

Owning an RV can be life changing, especially when you choose a Redwood RV. The Redwood RV has a variety of features that separate it from the competition, and its commitment to quality and comfort mean everyone has a good time. The RV Shop has these exceptional recreational vehicles available today, so join the exclusive club of Redwood owners by purchasing a new Redwood RV from us today!

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